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A third McDonald’s is proposed for Poughkeepsie

The proposed eatery would be Poughkeepsie's third McDonald's location, and is directly across Route 9 from a Wendy's.

Laid-off McDonald’s workers at Darien service plaza sue franchisee in test...

The law requires workers who were laid off in certain sectors to be brought back on staff on the basis of seniority.

McDonald’s looking to hire 2,385 summer workers in Connecticut

All told, the Big Mac purveyor expects to hire about 260,000 employees nationwide.

Fast-food workers in CT service plazas plan to unionize

The SEIU orchestrated the "Fight For $15" campaign to increase the minimum wage for low-income workers.

Poughkeepsie McDonald’s called out on social media for parking lot towing...

One Facebook user said her car was booted within five minutes of her leaving and returning to the property.

Port Chester woman sues Latam Airlines for $1M over hot water...

Her complaint and a similar lawsuit filed nine days later in federal court in Manhattan are reminiscent of the controversial McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit of 1994.

Facing legal challenge, seven fast-food chains agree to end ‘no-poach’ policies

Threat of legal action by Washington state's AG convinced chains to give up their no-poach agreements, which economists argue restrict competition and wage growth.

Can fast-food restaurants successfully offer healthier meals?

During a recent investors’ conference, Starbucks President and CEO Kevin Johnson noted that Frappuccino sales were down 3 percent in the company’s U.S. stores since 2015. The reason, he explained, was a consumer shift away from sugary and high-calorie drinks.

Westchester nonprofits receive McDonald’s grants

Five nonprofits in Westchester were among the 11 in the tristate area receiving 2017 grants.

UberEATS to offer McDonald’s delivery service in Westchester and Fairfield

In this arrangement, customers place their McDonald’s orders on either the UberEATS app or the UberEATS.com site, and a delivery partner working with UberEATS will bring the food directly to the customer’s home or office.

Subway revenue down 4.3 percent; net income takes a dive

The chain's revenue dropped 4.3 percent to $1.11 billion last year, with net income down 87 percent to $1.15 million.

McDonald’s to fund food programs

McDonald’s Corp. restaurants in the tristate area, including in Westchester and Fairfield, announced the return of the McDonald’s New York Metro Nutrition Network.

Giving something back

Jim Calhoun’s summation of a game sums up how many of us would like to see our careers unfold.

What were they thinking?

Once upon a time, IBM was America’s favorite company and set the world standard for innovation in the computer industry. In the 1980s, the company fell hard.

Every act is a marketing act

Everything your business does either helps or hurts your marketing efforts.