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Stamford lifts Covid mask mandate for businesses

The mandate continues in schools and government offices.

Stamford offers discount to encourage contactless parking payments

The discount program runs through the end of July and covers the city's more than 4,500 parking spaces.

Atlantic Station development arrives in Stamford a bit early

For the first phase of the development, rents are priced at $1,800 per month for the tower’s 20 studio apartments, $2,500 a month for its 175 one-bedroom apartments and $3,500 a month for the 150 two-bedroom units.

Stamford Mayor David Martin seeks fiscal rewards without pursuing risks

David Martin's approach to running the city has generated positive results. Since his election in 2013, Stamford has maintained an AAA bond rating, and the fiscal year 2018 budget is projected to carry a $4.8 million surplus, with no planned cuts to the municipal workforce.

Stamford kicks off statewide week of green transportation

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is asking commuters to participate in the week-long challenge and find greener alternatives to commute and travel such as carpooling, biking and riding the train to work for at least one day.

Fed rep sees economic anxiety and growth

Business Council event puts a spotlight on need for sector diversity.

Stamford joins Facebook

City was already on board with Twitter.