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Great expectations

Gillian Grozier calls it her “defining experience.”

The art of hitting the target

The results of a survey conducted by The Anderson Analytics of Stamford and issued Nov. 27 show that though green marketing, outsourcing, generations X and Y and Hispanics have all become important, marketing basics for 2008 are still as important as ever.

Source aims to be envy of marketing world

Source Marketing of Westport, a member of the MDC Partners Network, has announced the launch of Envi Marketing, a subsidiary dedicated to integrated marketing focused on sustainability.

Second-hand gold

Behind the glass-topped desk in his New Roc City office, Brandon Steiner was on the phone last week talking business, at times profanely, with a senior New York Yankee official.

Agency snags promo awards in Frisco

The Westport-based communications agency, Altamira took home first and third places for its Alizé merchandise design at the October San Francisco Point-of-Purchase Show.

Michael Valentino

Michael Valentino is in the bridge business.

New marketing manager at Stewart International Airport

Carol L. Smith has been named general manager of marketing at Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, effective Sept. 10.

Two small-business gurus start blog

David Dirks, a sales and marketing man based in Orange County, and Rick Bronder, a business consultant who lives in Ulster County, are collaborating on a book that would outline and explore effective strategies in sales, marketing and communications, based on the best practices of profitable companies.

The ambassador of Newburgh

She doesn’t jump out of airplanes or train seeing-eye dogs, but Jill Varricchio has a passion that Hudson Valley municipalities could use more of:  involvement from members of their business community.

Getting started on the Internet

We don’t have a Web site and don’t have any money to put toward building one right now.

Parents monitor surfing habits

Parents say they are getting control of their children’s exposure to sex and violence in the media, according to a new poll released by the California-based Kaiser Family Foundation.

Arts council rebrands with dramatic flair

The blowing of trumpets accompanied the dropdown of banners as the Westchester Arts Council, now ArtsWestchester, revealed its new name, logo and creative vision at the Arts Exchange this week.