Monday, November 28, 2022
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SEC receiver sues Platinum Partners founder Mark Nordlicht in $220M bankruptcy...

Nordlicht omitted information and made false statements in bankruptcy documents, the complaint states, as “part of a fraudulent scheme by the debtor to conceal estate assets from the Chapter 7 trustee and his creditors.”

Mark Nordlicht, who once managed $1.7 billion, declares $137,000 in bankruptcy...

He listed no work income, but “if Mr. Nordlicht’s criminal situation is resolved successfully,” the petition states, “he anticipates being able to resume employment at that time.”

Former Kushner exec sues New Rochelle ex-hedge fund exec for $14.9M

“Mr. Nordlicht has engaged in a complex, far-reaching scheme to alienate assets and property to make himself judgment proof,” the complaint states.

Obex Group of Larchmont fails to produce documents in $550M fraud...

Randall Katzenstein and Obex Group LLC of Larchmont are in the middle of a dispute that traces back to the $1 billion Platinum Partners hedge fund scandal.