Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Column: The state of Westchester’s health care sector

The industry will remain a big regional economic driver and magnet to attract more innovative companies to the county.

Legislature approves LDC for nonprofit win

Westchester’s Local Development Corp. formally approved four projects totaling $128 million.

LDC announces projects, business groups give it thumbs up

Westchester’s Local Development Corporation formally approved four projects totaling $128 million.

WCA calls for county to approve Local Development Corporation

The Westchester County Association is joining with other business, labor and nonprofit organizations calling for the Board of Legislators to formally approve a Local Development Corporation.

Blueprint accelerates Westchester

In 2012, the Westchester County Association’s Blueprint Accelerator Network L.L.C. was in the planning stages. In 2013, it will be about implementation.

HVEDC promotes go-to region

Seven counties with much to offer and a can-do report.