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State budget finished, but work may just be starting on outstanding...

Highway tolls and whether or not to expand state-sanctioned gambling are still unresolved.

Connecticut brewery employment leaps over last eight years

Even with no large commercial breweries, employment grew from fewer than 15 in the first quarter of 2010 to 780 in December 2018.

Stamford’s Cannabis Benchmarks cultivates commodity pricing data for marijuana

“When we started there were not a lot of people accustomed to sharing this kind of data,” says the company's Adam Koh. “Now they’re coming to realize the benefits of price transparency industry-wide.”

CT and NY AGs back federal bill to open banking to...

Without access to banks, marijuana-related businesses rely on cash transactions.

Lamont, Dems at odds over some budget items; GOP questions Gov’s...

GOP leader Len Fasano wondered if the governor is "going to take a stand on anything, or is he going to continue operating in fear of Democrat legislators?”

Preliminary state budget vote due today in Hartford

After expected passage by the General Assembly, the legislature and the governor will have five weeks to negotiate the budget’s fine points.

Legalization of recreational marijuana makes legislative progress

A bill that establishes 1.5 ounces as the amount of marijuana that can be legally possessed for recreational use passed mostly along party lines.

Bill legalizing recreational weed passes CT state commission

The legislature’s Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on the legislation on Thursday.

Connecticut lawmakers say they’re getting closer to legalizing recreational marijuana

Developing a consistently reliable DUI test for marijuana users is a key consideration, according to area lawmakers.

Cuomo to push recreational marijuana legalization for New York in 2019

“Let’s legalize adult use of recreation marijuana once and for all,” Cuomo said. The move could bring hundreds of millions in tax revenues annually, by state estimates.

Ned Lamont: The FCBJ Interview, Part Two

“I’m willing to take the hit for every unpopular decision that needs to be made, and to share the credit whenever it deserves to be shared.”

Panel: Medical marijuana and the real estate industry

As New York grows its medical marijuana program, what are the opportunities for the Westchester County real estate industry?

Legalizing recreational marijuana still a tough call for Connecticut

As has been the case for years, the debate over legalization essentially boils down to two standpoints: “It’s an idea whose time has come” vs. “Why do you think they call it ‘dope’?”

Business leaders: Uncertainty, unsettled issues cloud 2018 forecast

“We will struggle to grow by zero to 1 percent," forecasts Connecticut Business & Industry Association President and CEOJoe Brennan.

The blunt truth for employers about legalized marijuana

Since state statutes legalizing marijuana are still in their infancy, there is little judicial guidance on the application of these laws to employers.