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Trustee sues creditors for $11.1M in JPR Mechanical bankruptcy

J.P.R. declared nearly $23 million in liabilities when it filed for bankruptcy in 2019. Since then, 229 claims have been filed for more than $335 million.

Bankruptcy trustee says condo deal by Rockland businessman was fraudulent

"There were numerous badges of fraud in connection with the property transfer," U.S. bankruptcy trustee Marianne T. O'Toole claims.

Bankruptcy trustee sues mom, family of Westchester funeral home director in...

Balsamo conceded at a creditors meeting that he structured his financial affairs “in part by a desire to avoid the collection efforts of creditors, including the IRS.”

Trustee demands $1.2M from Michael D’Alessio cohorts

“D’Alessio did not receive fair consideration or reasonable equivalent value in exchange for the … transfers,” the complaint states. He “was insolvent, or had incurred or was intending to incur debts beyond his ability to pay them as they became due.”

Brother of convicted real estate swindler Michael D’Alessio, accused of abetting...

“Ronald may have traveled to the Dominican Republic,” the complaint states, “for the purpose of placing (Michael) D’Alessio’s assets outside of the United States.”

Trustee accuses millionaire wealth manager Bradley Reifler of misusing children’s funds

“The defendants knew of the debtor’s massive fraud,” the complaint states, “at the time they accepted the transfers.”

Payment of $20,000 in Mount Vernon bankruptcy case yields $2.6M

A Mount Vernon businessman argued he was forced into bankruptcy by the city’s failure to fulfill its side of a deal to open a supermarket.

Mysterious Russian businesswoman files for bankruptcy, disappears

Federal authorities have found omissions and peculiarities in her bankruptcy petition.

Bankrupt Beacon company owner accused of improperly accounting for loan

The U.S. Trustee says KNM Sheet Metal creditors have been damaged because money that could be used to pay debts has been diverted from the company.