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Sleepy Hollow redevelopment clears another legal hurdle

A state judge has refused to reopen a court case in which Tarrytown village officials unsuccessfully tried to stop a large-scale redevelopment project by General Motors Corp. in neighboring Sleepy Hollow.

Feud continues for Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow

As river dredging begins in an environmental cleanup at the former General Motors plant in Sleepy Hollow, neighboring Tarrytown looks to dredge up its legal fight over Lighthouse Landing, a redevelopment project at the GM site approved by Sleepy Hollow officials.

Judge’s ruling backs Sleepy Hollow development

Sleepy Hollow officials are waiting for General Motors to name a developer of its riverfront property in the wake of a state judge’s decision that opens the way for GM’s Lighthouse Landing project.

Judge’s ruling backs Sleepy Hollow development

The village of Tarrytown's challenge to a riverfront development at a former industrial site in Sleepy Hollow was dismissed by a state judge.