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NY and CT among top states with greatest pandemic-induced job losses

Michigan saw the greatest year-over-year proportional decline in workers on payroll and Utah had the lowest.

Survey: Majority of home sellers willing to accept lower offers

78% of millennials said they would consider a price cut.

Survey finds 70% of homeowners receiving mortgage assistance did not need...

Roughly 36% of millennials and 35.1% of Gen Xers applied for forbearance, compared to a mere 3.5% of baby boomers.

Survey finds most parents with young children took on new debt...

The survey found 36% of parents used their child's college fund to help cover expenses due to the new financial strain.

Starting a business: From low budget to ‘Whoa, budget!’

"Tech companies are moving out of California due to the high costs," said LendingTree's Derek Miller.

New study names Ridgefield worst Connecticut city for drivers

Shelton and Newtown were among the five worst localities in the new QuoteWizard data analysis.

Bridgeport ranks second nationally for percentage of seniors in workforce

The study found average household income for Bridgeport’s 65-plus residents was $57,488.

Study says Bridgeport is #1 – in credit card debt

The LendingTree report found that 22.9% of card holders in the Bridgeport metro area had a balance of more than $10,000.