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Hedge funds in the spotlight

Connecticut Senate votes to force hedge funds to reveal conflicts of interest.

More time to tackle identity theft

Regulators have allowed businesses more time to prepare for stopping identity theft.

More time to tackle identity theft

Regulators allow businesses more time to prepare for stopping identity theft.

Developer says occupancy restriction ‘counterproductive’

Northern Westchester Hospital leases space on the former Reader’s Digest campus, where a developer wants town zoning restrictions eased to allow full occupancy by office tenants.

Ill defined

The appropriations committee of the Connecticut General Assembly voted 34-19 to approve a bill mandating paid sick leave, setting up a general vote.

Decisions at firing time

New laws affecting the way employers handle terminations and accommodating employees with disabilities are discussed at annual workforce seminar.

Task force eyed

The state Senate wants to establish an economic development task force.

Expanded health coverage in play

After President Obama announced he would push for a $2 trillion reduction in health insurance costs over the next decade, Connecticut policymakers scrambled to reassess multiple proposals for reform at the state level.

Bill would end tax-free Internet sales

As Connecticut weighs changes in sales taxes – including for products sold online – Congress may require retailers to impose a tax for Internet purchases.

D.C. representatives highlight stimulus spending locally

The region’s D.C. voices came to New Windsor to talk about ARRA money that is either in the pipeline or is already here.

Autism bill would expand insurance coverage

The Connecticut General Assembly is considering mandating insurance companies to cover all expenses related to the treatment of children with autistic spectrum disorders.

Tax legislation would hurt high-tech

Even as Connecticut bested Massachusetts and New York for growth in its high-tech sector, business groups said tax proposals could wipe out those gains.

Opposition mounts to new bottle bill

A New York state law passed this month will require beverage companies to create a separate Universal Product Code (UPC) for all bottles sold in the state.

State of the unions

To unionize or not unionize?

BID vote riles city

The Poughkeepsie City Council has tabled a motion to certify the defeat of a proposed Business Improvement District (BID) and awaits recommendations from counsel.