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Suite Talk: Randy Herbertson, principal at The Visual Brand

Herbertson's campaign for Mr. Coffee using blogger Eva Amurri Martino proved to be popular.

PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew to offer new Sweet Lightning drink exclusively at...

This will be the first exclusive beverage to be offered at KFC locations across the country.

Can fast-food restaurants successfully offer healthier meals?

During a recent investors’ conference, Starbucks President and CEO Kevin Johnson noted that Frappuccino sales were down 3 percent in the company’s U.S. stores since 2015. The reason, he explained, was a consumer shift away from sugary and high-calorie drinks.

Federal judge kicks KFC bucket lawsuit out of court

She paid $20 for the chicken, or what would work out to one million buckets of chicken if she were to win a $20 million verdict.

Every act is a marketing act

Everything your business does either helps or hurts your marketing efforts.