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Somers security company founder says tragedy and taxes led to bankruptcy

“Losing the Con Edison contract equated to a nearly 85% loss of revenue,” Michael Smith says, “so I made the decision to wind down and close Griffin Security.”

Hudson Valley kitchen contractor files for bankruptcy

Gandl’s assets consist mostly of his house in Monroe, Orange County, valued at $431,000, but it secures more than $1 million for business loans, court judgments and IRS and state tax warrants.

New Rochelle investment manager sues IRS over his $1.5 million IOU

“The debtor has been experiencing financial troubles,” Francis’ adversary proceeding states. “Over the course of the past 11 years the debtor has used his best efforts to repay his tax obligations to the IRS.”

Above the Bar winners evoke a different era

Keynote speaker Kathie E. Davidson cited mid-20th century civil rights lawyer Charles Hamilton Houston, who called on lawyers to solve community problems and help underprivileged citizens.