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Rockland man accuses Chase of not refunding hacked bank accounts

"Somehow, the identity thief immediately learned about the second account and promptly initiated an online transfer of $90,000," the complaint states.

New survey finds SMBs remain optimistic despite ongoing challenges

19% of small businesses plan to go to a 100% e-commerce model this year.

Women’s Business Development Council touts accomplishments during pandemic

This month, the Women's Business Development Council will award nearly $400,000 in grants to 44 businesses, 32% of which are minority-owned.

JPMorgan Chase pledges to support $2.5T in climate efforts

JPMorgan Chase says that between now and the end of 2030 it will be working to finance and facilitate various efforts to create more...

Mastercard joins growing chorus of disapproval over GOP attempts to overturn...

Meanwhile, security is being beefed up around Albany and Hartford in the wake of FBI warnings that more potentially violent protests are in the making in all 50 states.

JPMorgan Chase donates $450k for Fairfield housing

JPMorgan Chase has donated $450,000 to make possible the establishment of Fairfield County’s Center for Housing Opportunity. FCCHO is a collective response and strategic...

JP Morgan says businesses nationally and locally find areas for optimism

A nationwide business survey by JPMorgan Chase finds pockets of optimism despite the economic disruptions resulting from the coronavirus outbreak. At the same time,...

New Rochelle Hyundai insiders accused in $1.2M auto scheme

They allegedly listed vehicles that New Rochelle Hyundai did not own in the dealership’s records, thus enabling JPMorgan Chase to make funds available to buy the vehicles.

JPMorgan Chase study finds optimism among CT business owners, individuals

Also, 91 percent of small and midsize companies plan to maintain or increase their capital expenditures.

Investors drive gender pay gap moves by banks

While Silicon Valley has acquired a reputation as a boys’ club, so too has Wall Street, despite public protestations to the contrary.

Chase ordered to pay law firm $2.5M for tardy filing of...

“This is no mere procedural peccadillo,” the lawsuit states.

WCC study aims to bridge job-skills gap

Identifying the needs of tomorrow’s workforce and supplying it with suitably educated workers requires up-to-date research to overcome the current deficit in so-called middle-skills jobs.

WCC awarded $150,000 grant to complete job study

Westchester Community College was recently awarded a $150,000 grant from JPMorgan Chase to complete a report on job skills gaps in the region.

Chase to ease access to checking accounts, other services

JPMorgan Chase Bank has committed to changing its screening policies to allow consumers greater access to mainstream financial services.

Risk not, advance not, say ‘Women at the Wheel’ speakers

Four female executives discuss their paths to success and challenges in their chosen careers at a recent panel, "Driving Your Business: Women at the Wheel."