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Xerox in partnership to mass produce disposable ventilators

The new effort is seeking to create one million ventilators in the coming months.

Xerox cites COVID-19 in suspending HP hostile takeover efforts

The company insisted that a plummeting stock market played no role in its decision.

Xerox launches tender offer for all outstanding HP shares

Xerox CEO John Visentin said HP shareholders "will receive $27 billion in immediate, upfront cash."

Carl Icahn proposed buying HP if it rebuffed Xerox overtures

Icahn raised the scenario after purchasing a 4.2% stake in HP

Xerox reportedly seeks to woo HP shareholders with dinner at Greenwich...

Reuters reported that additional Greenwich dinner meetings could be possible in the coming days.

Xerox increases offer price for HP takeover

Xerox's John Visentin insisted the HP leadership is ignoring the wishes of its shareholders.

Xerox has $24B in financial commitments to pursue HP takeover

Xerox's John Visentin called on HP's leaders to meet him "in person, with or without your advisors."

Xerox to bring takeover bid directly to HP shareholders

Xerox CEO and Vice Chairman John Visentin says HP's refusal to accept the offer "defies logic."

HP rejects Xerox again for ‘opportunistic’ takeover attempt

"We believe it is important to emphasize that we are not dependent on a Xerox combination," the HP leaders stated.

Xerox ratchets up acquisition pressure on HP

XEO CEO John Visentin vowed to "expeditiously pursue our proposed acquisition of HP to completion."

Xerox rebuffed in acquisition bid for HP

HP's leaders noted "the decline of Xerox’s revenue from $10.2 billion to $9.2 billion" since June 2018.

Fujifilm CEO: We will not ‘try to persuade Xerox’ on acquisition...

"We have no intention of sweetening the financial terms of the January acquisition plan," said Fujifilm's Shigetaka Komori.

Xerox CEO waves off Fujifilm appellate court win

CEO and Vice Chairman John Visentin brushed aside concerns over the ruling that cleared the way for Fujifilm Holdings to reopen acquisition negotiations with Xerox.

Xerox chairman makes first insider stock buy in four years

Keith Cozza’s purchase is the largest transaction of its kind since Stephen Robert, a member of the Xerox board in 2004, bought 50,000 shares.

Xerox plans $1B share repurchase program

CEO and Vice Chairman John Visentin stressed Xerox's focus will be on "leveraging the assets and capabilities we have today to create a sustainable company."