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What customer segment can you serve best?

Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher knew the company was in trouble when his sister-in-law raved that she had received magnificent service on a Southwest flight. He asked how many people were on-board. Two pilots, three flight attendants…and his sister-in-law. After 18 months of operation, the airline had lost more than $5 million.

Making the 80/20 Rule work for you

Understanding the 80/20 Rule isn’t difficult, but getting yourself and your organization to use it in order to enjoy lasting prosperity is.

Influence: the most powerful force

To compete successfully, organizations need marketing, advertising, public relations, promotions, Internet and social media strategies – but they also need to connect with those who can influence mass decision-making in others.

Technology creates new worlds

Seize the opportunities that always exist as technology continues to create new and better worlds.

Lessons from the fall of Dell and IBM

Although it’s important to reduce cost and increase efficiency, doing so must never jeopardize serving customers whose preferences are constantly changing.

Why blow up your business now?

You can’t destroy the core of your business too early, but to remain in business, you must immediately create a new core as the old one begins to slow.

Do they know you care?

Millions of people are eagerly waiting to buy from you if you can convince them that you are trustworthy. To gain their trust, show them that you care.

Technology: Creating barriers or relationships?

Although customers continue to scream that they want “relationships,” business continues building barriers to prevent them.

Certainty in an uncertain world

Changing demographics are one of the most “certain” forces at work in shaping our “uncertain” world.

Technology controls all decisions

At the beginning of the 21st century, if you had asked any industry guru how the Internet would transform online purchasing and sales

Human capital, on and off line

What does the concept of “human capital” mean to Hudson Valley organizations? Do you believe in “people power” that people, not technology, machinery, equipment,...

Timeless lessons from Jack Welch

Fortune magazine once hailed General Electric as the "most admired company in America." In Fortune's words, Chairman Jack Welch "has rewritten the book on...

Every act is a marketing act

Everything your business does either helps or hurts your marketing efforts.