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Connecticut added 1,600 jobs in May

Private sector employment expanded by 2,900 jobs.

Filling the significant shortage of truck drivers

An estimated 55,000 truck driver jobs are open.

Connecticut added 1,600 jobs in April

The Greater Danbury area was higher by 300 jobs.

Connecticut added 4,600 jobs in March

The Greater Danbury area saw 100 new jobs created last month.

Connecticut added 6,300 jobs in February

The state's unemployment rate is now 4.9%.

Connecticut lost 700 jobs in January

During January, private sector employment declined by 1,700 jobs.

Lamont offers $24B budget, says ‘state is better off than it...

He claimed he was making the biggest infrastructure investments since the Eisenhower years.

NY Fed analysts say Westchester, Fairfield worse than U.S. in job...

Three experts with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Research and Statistics Group today briefed reporters on aspects of the economic recovery from...

Connecticut gained 5,600 jobs in November

The private sector increased employment by 4,400 jobs.

Comptroller Lembo projects General Fund surplus of $482.3M

Comptroller Kevin Lembo expressed caution on rising housing costs.

Connecticut gained 4,700 jobs in September

Connecticut has now recovered 70.4% of the jobs lost in the early Covid lockdown period.

The WorkPlace, expecting wave of post-pandemic job seekers, offers pop-up employment...

With federal and state unemployment bonuses now expired, there could be a returning tsunami of people looking for regular employment – and unsure of how to find it.

Connecticut records 3,330 new jobs in August

The Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk corridor led the state in monthly employment gains.

Avelo Airlines and Tweed Airport seeking 100 new employees

Avelo is launching service between Tweed and four Florida airports in November.