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Wall Street jumpy as Washington debates fiscal cliff

As signs pointed toward at least a partial solution to the oncoming “fiscal cliff,” financial experts cautioned that even with a grand bargain, U.S. economic growth over the early months of 2013 would likely continue to be in the 1 to 2 percent range.

Conn. bleeds blue as Dems sweep senate, congressional races

Democrats swept Connecticut’s senate and congressional races as both parties defended their turf on Election Day, leaving the makeup of the federal and state government largely unchanged after an estimated $6 billion in cumulative campaign spending.

‘Budgetary crystal meth’

With the fate of the global economy hanging on the outcome of the fiscal cliff debate, a grand bargain cannot be postponed this time around.

Himes, analysts predict U.S. will avert ‘fiscal cliff’

With the infamous fiscal cliff now less than three months away, Congressman Jim Himes on Sept. 27 told a group of financial industry representatives that he thinks there is a seven in 10 chance that Congress reaches a “grand bargain” akin to the Simpson-Bowles plan released in late 2010.

Conn. Democrats storm to fundraising lead

With less than 100 days till the election, Democrats hold a sizable fundraising edge in the U.S. House and Senate races involving Fairfield County.

Conn. farmers to get $570,000 in federal funding

More than half a million dollars in federal funding will fund the growth of locally produced food businesses in Connecticut.