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Turnaround Management Association to host Rep. Jim Himes

Panel discussions on the economy and doing business in Connecticut are also on the docket for a Fairfield University forum.

The WorkPlace secures $300K federal grant

The WorkPlace Inc., a nonprofit workforce development firm, has secured a $300,000 grant through the U.S. Department of Labor's Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program.

Rep. Himes urges Congress to fund flood studies

Rep. Jim Himes called on Congress to remove legislative barriers he says are preventing flood mitigation projects that have already been approved from moving forward in southwest Connecticut

Bill seeks to cut cost of hedging

A quartet of congressmen, including Rep. Jim Himes of Greenwich, have introduced a bill to modify a portion of Dodd-Frank that observers say makes it more costly for businesses like farmers and manufacturers to hedge against price fluctuations.

Himes fears March 1 to pass without sequester deal

With billions of dollars in defense and domestic spending cuts set to kick in March 1, Rep. Jim Himes said he fears the odds are slim for an 11th-hour deal that would postpone or offset the sequester.

Mental health resources ‘stretched thin’

Health professionals say the mental health care field lacks the workforce and the resources to handle significant increases in screenings and services in the wake of the Newtown shooting and related tragedies.

PACs, special interest groups tighten grip

As political action committees and special interest groups seek to influence election results, analysts warn of the potential consequences.

Himes backs proposed immigration reforms

In a rare instance of bipartisan cooperation, eight U.S. senators yesterday unveiled a proposal to overhaul the country's immigration system that includes a framework for illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S. to apply for a green card.

Senate set to vote on Sandy aid package

The U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote Dec. 28 on a $60.4 billion aid package for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut residents and businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Murphy, Himes top opponents in PAC contributions

Campaign finance data was released earlier this month by the Federal Election Commission, showing a much more complete picture of the race for U.S. Congress in Connecticut.

VC activity keeps pace despite economy, regulatory delays

Venture capital activity in Connecticut has been relatively strong in 2012 despite the economy and a longer-than-expected wait for new federal regulations that will make it easier for private companies to raise capital, analysts say.

Wall Street jumpy as Washington debates fiscal cliff

As signs pointed toward at least a partial solution to the oncoming “fiscal cliff,” financial experts cautioned that even with a grand bargain, U.S. economic growth over the early months of 2013 would likely continue to be in the 1 to 2 percent range.

Conn. bleeds blue as Dems sweep senate, congressional races

Democrats swept Connecticut’s senate and congressional races as both parties defended their turf on Election Day, leaving the makeup of the federal and state government largely unchanged after an estimated $6 billion in cumulative campaign spending.

‘Budgetary crystal meth’

With the fate of the global economy hanging on the outcome of the fiscal cliff debate, a grand bargain cannot be postponed this time around.

Himes, analysts predict U.S. will avert ‘fiscal cliff’

With the infamous fiscal cliff now less than three months away, Congressman Jim Himes on Sept. 27 told a group of financial industry representatives that he thinks there is a seven in 10 chance that Congress reaches a “grand bargain” akin to the Simpson-Bowles plan released in late 2010.