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Chris Christie: Mid-term elections will have no impact on 2020 presidential...

Chris Christie said that Bob Stefanowski’s loss was due at least in part to national dissatisfaction with Trump’s performance.

New York regulator encourages state banks to work with medical marijuana...

While federal law has made banking difficult for the medical marijuana industry, Cuomo's administration said it "stands ready to work with our chartered institutions to assist them in moving forward toward commencing operations in a safe and sound manner."

Sessions retains Daly as U.S. Attorney for Connecticut

She will remain in her position through October., when she completes 20 years of service in the Justice Dept.

Connecticut immigrant group meets with Blumenthal to urge rejection of Sessions

The immigrant community “has a lot of fear and uncertainty, not just here in Connecticut and not just about Mr. Sessions, but also about Donald Trump," said a spokesman for the Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance.

Malloy calls Trump’s choice for U.S. Attorney General ‘troubling’

Sen. Jeff Sessions was alleged to have made "pejorative, insensitive comments towards people of color,” the governor said.