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Suite Talk: Tetsuya Iwasaki, president of Fujifilm Holdings America Corp. and...

"We are deeply committed corporate citizens in Westchester County," said Iwasaki.

AQR expands into Japanese market

“Japan is a large and sophisticated market that is undergoing a rapid transformation,” said Gregor Andrade, principal and head of international business development at AQR.

Bobby Valentine reportedly under consideration as ambassador to Japan

Valentine's qualifications would seem to include his two stints as manager of the country's Chiba Lotte Marines, and his friendship with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

River of dreams

Will the architectural path through the 21st century wind along New Canaan’s glass “River?”

Medical device maker raises $5M

SurgiQuest reported $5 million in new financing as it develops devices that assist in robotic surgery.

Recruit acquires Indeed.com

Japan giant Recruit Co. Ltd. acquired Indeed.com.

Texting, social media gain as avenues for fundraising

A recent study provides insight into the text donation ecosystem used by Save the Children and other charities.

In the field

Gartner Inc. is hiring salespeople and consultants, and other news affecting Fairfield County companies.

Business news and notes from around Fairfield County and Connecticut.

Native computer pioneer dies Perhaps Fairfield County’s greatest export to the computer age died on Feb. 6, after Digital Equipment Corp. founder Kenneth H. Olsen...