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Suite Talk: Imtiaz Allie, managing partner of Innovative Network Solutions

"We are not a large corporation, but we try to make a real investment in our people," said Allie.

Westport attorney takes a legal approach to cutting-edge technology

Richard Santalesa is founder of Westport-based SmartEdgeLaw Group, a one-man boutique law firm that provides companies with legal support related to cutting-edge high-tech issues.

IT considerations when retiring or terminating an employee

How should a business approach the end of its relationship with an employee from an IT point of view? Having a plan in place...

When smaller banks face cybersecurity challenges

Despite challenges in limited resources and manpower, smaller banks are standing up against cyber attacks.

Job openings for IT professionals down slightly in June

The one bright spot was the number of openings for skills in software development, which increased 8.3 percent.

Column: Tech upgrades for 2016

What's new to help you work better? Al Alper's got the scoop on tablets, phones and apps.

Cervalis embraces Norwalk site

Tech company makes use of 168,000 square feet.

Budderfly partners with West Coast IT outfit

CTP will market the Shelton company's conservation software, services.

HCC receives grant for skilled training

Health and IT fields are the targeted areas of employment.

Office IT seminars slated

A computing consultant will lead a series of free IT lessons for business owners.

Getting ready for trade shows

To prepare for trade shows, build a list of target shows. Investigate who goes and why. Define goals and decide who to send. Figure out how your company can stand out at each show.

Progressive Computing celebrates 20 years in business

Progressive Computing, one of the largest IT companies in Westchester, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

BYOD overdrive

Businesses are resigned to the concept of “bring your own device” in the workplace – and the possible added costs BYOD can trigger

Three IT must-haves to keep a small business running smoothly

With IT playing a significant role in day-to-day business operations, small businesses need to consider three key components: security, policies and disaster recovery.

Priceline ranks high for IT innovators

Norwalk-based Priceline.com Inc. bested IBM Corp. on the InformationWeek 500 list of information technology innovators.