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Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors sees low inventory, vibrant market

“With a low inventory, buyers often find it difficult to find housing that fits their criteria,” its report stated.

Douglas Elliman sees signs of improving housing market

“We’ve seen a very good quarter and we’re seeing some very optimistic numbers,” Scott Elwell said.

Column: Managing the warehouse equals profits

Our warehouse — it’s substandard. Inventory is too high. Things get lost. We can’t find what we need when we need it. We know...

No boom, but a surge in house sales

Residential real estate brokers closed 31 percent more third-quarter sales in Westchester than a year ago.

Finding gold by controlling inventory

Every time a part goes somewhere other than into a customer invoice, it means the company makes less money than it could. Wasting money because there are not enough controls in place is crazy.

Home buyers vie for shrinking inventory

Housing inventory continues to decline in Westchester, though sale prices have not kept pace with rising demand.

Get a handle on cost to produce

Your company’s goal is to understand and find ways to control and reduce costs while focusing on optimally profitable customers and goods to sell.

Learn to improve inventory planning

Whether you’re talking about office suppliers or a factory running at full tilt, it’s easy to build up excess inventory.