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Clearwater group sues state over nuclear plants subsidy

The Beacon environmental group filed the second legal challenge to the state's plan to finance subsidies for upstate nuclear plants through utility rate charges.

Indian Point Unit 2 reactor starts up after Friday shutdown

Indian Point Energy Center's Unit 2 reactor is back online after it was shut down to repair a water leak Friday. Entergy Corp., the nuclear...

Coalition files appeal to federal courts to review Algonquin gas pipeline

The $971.6 million project will expand and replace parts of an existing natural gas pipeline in four states—New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts—to carry additional natural gas north from Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale.

Bernie Sanders calls for closure of Indian Point

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called for the closure of Indian Point Energy Center in a statement released Monday. The Democratic Vermont senator called the...

Entergy discovers missing, damaged bolts at Indian Point

The company says the issue did not impact public safety. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is not reassured and calls for the plant's license to not be renewed.

Indian Point owner to federal court: have state back off

Entergy in a federal lawsuit wants New York state's objection to the relicensing of Indian Point nuclear reactors to be withdrawn.

Unit 3 back online, Cuomo deploys PSC to Indian Point to...

Workers removed electrical insulators from transmission lines and will inspect them for a possible cause to the electrical fault that shut down Unit 3.

Unit 3 nuclear reactor at Indian Point shuts down after electrical...

This outage is the second occurrence in 10 days that one of two reactors at the Indian Point Energy Center nuclear power plant has been forced to shut down.

Indian Point’s Unit 2 reactor shut down for three days after...

The loss in power caused about 10 rods to descend, as designed, into the nuclear fuel core of the reactor.

Indian Point opponent seeks change from within

A Hudson Valley attorney and former public official seeks to close the Indian Point nuclear plant as an Entergy shareholder.

No strike at Indian Point as labor deal reached

Union leaders and management at Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan reached a tentative contract agreement Saturday morning.

Indian Point’s Unit 3 reactivated

After the lowering of a water level inside one of Indian Point's steam generators caused Unit 3 to shut down Monday, the reactor is back on.

Entergy faces further delays in relicensing

Entergy Corp. will face delays in completing its safety evaluation report related to relicensing two power plants at Buchanan's Indian Point Energy Center.

Entergy closes Vermont plant; no effect on Indian Point

Plant closing in Vernon, Vt. won't affect Buchanan's Indian Point, according to Entergy.

NRC to discuss draft study in White Plains

One of eight nationwide meetings that discuss the long-term storage of used nuclear fuel at reactor sites.