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NY sues NRC over lack of hearings, financial oversight in dismantling...

New York state has filed a lawsuit challenging the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's denial of a public hearing on decommissioning concerns of the Indian Point...

NRC approves transfer of Indian Point licenses for decommissioning

The license transfer will not be finalized until after Unit 3’s permanent shutdown.

Cortlandt awarded $3.2M from federal funds

The town of Cortlandt has been awarded $3.2 million from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) Assistance to Nuclear Closure Communities...

Indian Point reactor to be shut down permanently

The nuclear reactor that is Indian Point Unit 2 will be shut down for the final time April 30 as part of the plan...

Victoria Leung: Riverkeeper opposes using Holtec to decommission Indian Point

Entering 2020, Riverkeeper remains dedicated to protecting the Hudson River and the health and safety of the surrounding communities. We are building on our decades...

Deborah Milone: As Indian Point closing nears, Hudson Valley needs recovery...

Indian Point’s closing creates many challenges. It’s up to us to ensure that we prepare as wisely and quickly as possible for the Hudson Valley’s future without it.

Holtec International to buy Indian Point post-shutdown for decommissioning

Entergy spokesman Jerry Nappi said, “We are not disclosing the purchase price, as it is business-sensitive info at this time.”

Feds renew operating license for Indian Point; plans still call for...

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Committee gave permission for both reactors on the Buchanan site to run through the plant's expected 2021 shutdown – and longer if necessary.

Panel recommends Indian Point consider opening for redevelopment

The recommendation was one of several in a 280-page annual report from the state’s Indian Point Closure Task Force.

Latimer supports Indian Point tax stabilization fund proposal

The tax stabilization proposal from Sen. Terrence Murphy, R-Yorktown would provide $27 million to offset Indian Point revenue losses in Westchester County, the town of Cortlandt, the village of Buchanan and the Hendrick Hudson School District.

Transmission Developers Inc. has new route, outreach for hydropower line

In Rockland County, TDI spokeswoman Jennifer Laird-White, a former mayor of Nyack, said the company decided to reroute to meet community concerns.

Astorino drops Indian Point lawsuits

A spokesman said the county executive "felt it was inappropriate" to continue the legal challenge "given the change of administrations.”

Panel addresses transitioning Indian Point’s 950 workers to other jobs

The latest in a series of forums on the closure of Indian Point focused on the future of its workforce beyond the planned 2021 shutdown date.

Life after Indian Point: Cortlandt seeks to replace revenue loss as...

As Indian Point Energy Center prepares to shut down in four years, and take with it a huge chunk of revenue for its surrounding...

Indian Point lawsuit to be heard in Westchester, despite state challenge

A state supreme court judge in White Plains has denied a request from the state to move the court proceedings to Albany.