Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Westchester, Hudson Valley business groups suspend merger talks

Differences in business philosophies that arose during the period of due diligence were cited as one reason for calling the union off, though just what those differences are was unaddressed.

Westchester County Association and HVEDC partner on regional initiatives

In addition, the two groups said they would identify key market trends and work together to find solutions that will help bring jobs and investments to the region.

Michael Oates returns as HVEDC leader

Oates will step into the dual roles of president and CEO on June 4, according to the seven-county economic development agency.

New report charts broad regional recovery

HVEDC and Jones Lang LaSalle size up data together.

Valley food alliance gets $3.4M federal grant

Hyde Park will be the site for a food- and farm-centric headquarters for the valley's dine-and-drink alliance.

Mike Oates moves on from HVEDC

Mike Oates, CEO of the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp., is resigning effective Feb. 4. The HVEDC is currently looking for his replacement.

Private investor feeds capital-hungry companies

Mike Oates is president and CEO of Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp.

HVEDC promotes go-to region

Seven counties with much to offer and a can-do report.