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Column: No more drama in the workplace

Setting the ground rules for acceptable and unacceptable behavior in an office is essential.

Thinking outside the box

A CEO must separate him or herself from the tactical, day-to-day duties in order to spend more time on strategic activities.

Ready, set, hire

Looking to add employees to your organization? Donald Zinn’s hiring test will enable you to evaluate how job candidates will fit with the three main constituencies every employee is engaged with – management, team members, and customers.

Compensating workers after a disaster

There is no one right answer concerning compensating workers when Mother Nature strikes.

From red flags to the green zone

A FuelCell Energy manager worked through ISS “red flags” during the highly charged proxy season.

Performing surgery on operations

Q: The folks who run the shop and the people who deliver our services are giving me a headache. I’ve worked hard to put...

Drug testing takes new path

USA Mobile Drug Testing goes to businesses in Westchester and Fairfield to try to keep workplaces drug-free.

Roundtable Conversation: Gender Bias

Gender Bias? Are sexual favors expected for job advancement? Is the white male the new minority? Is the glass ceiling really shattered? In this roundtable conversation that took place on March, 29th, our panel of experts explored some real life experiences.

Bias claims up after financial crisis, attorney says

While gender bias claims may have ballooned in the recession, some victims may have not chosen to press claims, according to a local attorney.

W.R. Berkley sues blogger

W.R. Berkley sued a blogger who has spent the past year writing incendiary posts.

In the field

Pat Callahan is wrapping up a 30-year career at Pepperidge Farm, and other Fairfield County business news.

Gold coastal property

A Maine furniture craftsman is opening its first Connecticut location, and other real estate news.

Legal briefs

XL sued a defunct Greenwich hedge fund, and other law news in Fairfield County.

Not enough feedback going around?

Feedback should be given continuously. Reviews are recaps of feedback and do not have to be tied to compensation. But compensation should be tied to performance. Use feedback to help employees grow and improve.

Employee retention boosts profits

Long-term employees help build relationships with customers