Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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From desk jockey to weekend athlete: preparing for a new sport...

After a long winter with many avoiding indoor gyms and sports for the sake of Covid safety or just due to disrupted routines, the...

Cutting-edge ‘X-ray vision’ tech makes spine surgery easier and quicker

Stamford is the first hospital in the Northeast to adopt the technology, which projects 3D navigation data onto the surgeon's retina.

Stamford Health, Hospital for Special Surgery open sports rehab center in...

The location is the organization’s fourth center to offer sports rehab.

Hospital for Special Surgery-Stamford Health collaboration ahead of schedule

“We fully expect to be the busiest center in the state for orthopedics," according to Dr. Charles Cornell.

Stamford Health and Hospital for Special Surgery join to create center...

HSS Orthopedics at Stamford Health will be available on a dedicated fifth floor of the new Stamford Hospital building late this year, and later this month at the hospital’s Tully Health Center.