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Carl Icahn further solidifies stake in Xerox

Xerox’s shares quickly rose by 3.4% in extended trading after the news was announced.

Carl Icahn proposed buying HP if it rebuffed Xerox overtures

Icahn raised the scenario after purchasing a 4.2% stake in HP

Xerox increases offer price for HP takeover

Xerox's John Visentin insisted the HP leadership is ignoring the wishes of its shareholders.

Xerox to nominate 11 directors for HP board

Carl Icahn, Xerox's largest shareholder, is also HP's fifth largest shareholder.

HP swats away Xerox’s latest acquisition overture

The HP leaders were not interested in Xerox's $24 billion in financial commitments to finance an acquisition.

Xerox has $24B in financial commitments to pursue HP takeover

Xerox's John Visentin called on HP's leaders to meet him "in person, with or without your advisors."

Xerox to bring takeover bid directly to HP shareholders

Xerox CEO and Vice Chairman John Visentin says HP's refusal to accept the offer "defies logic."

Xerox rebuffed in acquisition bid for HP

HP's leaders noted "the decline of Xerox’s revenue from $10.2 billion to $9.2 billion" since June 2018.

Xerox expands partnership with HP

The companies are also partnering in the device as a service market.

Xerox sees business services growth

Xerox’s business services unit accounts for more than half of its revenues, with CEO Ursula Burns projecting that arm of the company will account for two-thirds of all Xerox revenues by 2017.

IBM on board with Startup America

IBM is a major supporter of Startup America.