Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Mount Kisco massage school owner accused of mishandling assets

“Robinson engaged in misconduct,” the complaint states, by divesting the business of assets “for no consideration.”

Trustee questions $368,000 paid to TNT Transport family

The trustee says TNT did not receive fair consideration or value in exchange for the payments.

Allways East scion Edward Koller ordered to pay $342,000 to bankrupt...

Allways East insiders used the company as a “personal piggy bank,” according to an adversary proceeding filed last year against Koller, “funneling money out of the debtor’s estate that could have been used to pay … legitimate creditors.”

Trustee claims operator of Yonkers school bus company diverted $24.2M

Marlaina Koller used Allways East “as her own personal piggy bank,” the complaint states, “diverting millions of dollars from the (company’s) accounts for herself and other insiders.”