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Nordstrom to hire 280 employees for SoNo Collection store

The three-level, 140,000-square-foot store is scheduled to open Oct. 11.

Wegmans looking to hire over 500 for new Harrison store

The Wegmans food market under construction at 106-110 Corporate Park Drive already has 75 to 80 employees on the payroll, with more being added, store manager Matthew Dailor

Suite Talk: Eric Frazer, author of ‘The Psychology of Top Talent’

"There are always going to be black swans out there who have charisma-driven careers," said Frazer.

Fairfield’s eRichards Consulting handles IT recruitment with a holistic touch

Gebbia noted that some women IT professionals seek out salaries that are 10 to 15 percent lower than their male counterparts' asking price.

More than half of tech professionals plan to change jobs

“There is definitely a big talent shortage out there,” observed John Bemis, president of Stamford-based Benchmark IT.

Andi Gray: Recruitment is a key driver of success

Make hiring great talent a group goal with group rewards. Encourage everyone on the team to work on building a talent bank to draw upon in future years.

PepsiCo and Xerox on Black Enterprise magazine’s list of best diverse...

“The strength of our nation is in its diversity,” said Black Enterprise’s President and CEO Earl “Butch” Graves Jr.

Survey finds Connecticut business owners cautious on near-future conditions

On the subject of credit availability, 76 percent of Connecticut business owners characterized credit conditions as excellent, good or average.

Making the leap from college campus to the workplace

Another trend that impacts the workplace is the erosion of corporate loyalty. While that problem took root before millennials were entering the workforce, it has been accelerated by a new wave of graduates for whom job-hopping is the only way to approach a career.

Hudson Valley continues to add jobs

Construction and health care jobs are setting the pace for regional job growth.

Column: Is it worth the risk to keep growing?

Businesses are either growing or declining. What you know for today isn’t necessarily sufficient to get you through tomorrow. With growth comes opportunity to get the load off your back. Learn how to hire, train, motivate, manage, reward and hold people accountable.

Hiring slowed in May, reports suggest

Hiring likely slowed down in May, both nationally and in Fairfield County, according to reports that have been released in advance of Friday's all-important jobs report from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Jobs momentum builds, but unemployment holds at 8%

The Connecticut economy added 6,300 jobs in April and has now picked up almost 10,000 jobs through the first four months of 2013.

Don’t rush to get a new employee on board

Take the time to build a hiring system. Train new hires on culture as well as skill. Build bench strength and deal with mistakes quickly.

Survey: Profits take back seat to hiring

A survey of hundreds of high-net earners from across the country conducted by U.S. Trust last year shows a majority of employers feel a responsibility to increase hiring and to keep people employed, even at the expense of profits.