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Cooney: infrastructure funds should supplement, not substitute

New York state needs to avoid the temptation to cut back on its own infrastructure spending while using money from the $1.2 trillion federal...

Bridgeport and Stamford corridors of I-95 named among most congested roads...

New York City was named the most congested U.S. urban center.

Hudson Valley airports could see millions from infrastructure bill

Westchester County Airport would receive $22,597,580 in federal funding as part of the infrastructure package.

Norwalk’s I-95 stretch ranked among most dangerous roads for truckers

Most highway accidents on I-95 occur in the Norwalk area.

Local highways cited in new list of Top 100 Truck Bottlenecks

Highway passages through Stamford, Norwark, Rye, Elmsford and Nyack are among the nation's most congested roads.

Redding’s Absolute Transportation considers joys and challenges in CT limousine industry

Sean P. Morris, owner of Absolute Transportation LLC in Redding, faces high gas prices, heavy traffic, Uber competition and the threat of tolls on Connecticut's roads.