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‘Highway user fee’ goes into effect for tractor-trailers in 2023

“The extra cost to trucking companies will ultimately be passed on to families with increased prices on food, home heating oil and more," warned Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford).

‘Money Grab’: New Yorkers push back on CT governor’s plan...

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont’s plan to impose tolls on motorists using I-684 where the highway through Westchester crosses a sliver of Greenwich, Connecticut, hit...

New plans for interchange and shared-use path in South Nyack presented...

At issue with the proposed plans was where to put a new parking lot and restrooms for the shared-use path in relation to the Tappan Zee Bridge highway exit.

Feds can speed permitting, planners say

The Regional Plan Association says the expedited environmental review process proposed for New York’s Tappan Zee Bridge replacement should become the standard throughout the region and nationally.