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1st town in state to allow hemp cultivation on town-owned land?...

The idea is to help local farmers gain hands-on experience by sustainably farming the crop with an eye towards commercialization.

Orange County’s Black Dirt region eyes hemp production – but does...

"It’s been hit and miss, and for most in this area, it was a miss,” says Chris Pawelski.

PepsiCo debuts hemp beverage

The company claims the product has an “intense hemp taste.”

Hemp, ballots, holding utilities accountable on Lamont’s agenda for special session

Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) called Lamont’s agenda “a disappointing display of one-party rule and partisan politics."

The Next Big Thing?: Cheech and Chong marijuana dispensaries

The comics plan to make guest appearances at the openings of the dispensaries.

Suite Talk: Sal Gilbertie, founder and president of Teucrium Trading

"People have no idea that corn is pervasive in a global economy," said Gilbertie.

CBD startup taps Dutchess County farm for hemp production

"When it is time for harvesting, you are dealing with plants the height of a man," Lonsdale said.

SoNo 1420 bows line of whiskeys and gins using hemp seeds...

Owner Ted Dumbauld selected the “1420” moniker as a nod to the Connecticut Senate’s 14-to-20 vote against alcohol prohibition in 1919.

Suite Talk: Jeff Wentzel, founder of the Connecticut Hemp Industry Association

"It's brand new and people are still learning," said Wentzel about the state's hemp industry. "Thankfully, the hemp community is about people helping each other out."

Gov. Lamont touts success of hemp-growing pilot program

Connecticut has licensed 82 hemp growers, two processors, and 21 manufacturers under the program for the cultivation, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing of hemp plants and by-products in the state.

Pilot hemp-growing bill approved by House; Lamont expected to sign into...

The Connecticut Farm Bureau Association, which supported the bill’s passage, estimates that an acre of hemp could generate 500-1,500 pounds of dried flowers worth $37,500-150,000.

Gov. Cuomo signs bill promoting industrial hemp

The new legislation clarifies the status of industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity.