Monday, January 30, 2023
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Hedge funds expect strong inflows over next two years

78% of surveyed hedge funds expect quant market transparency to improve.

Bridgewater Associates sued by former co-CEO; lays off ‘dozens,’ according to...

Eileen Murray's lawsuit maintains that the threatened withholding of her deferred wages represent an “improper gambit to silence her voice” and is “part of a cynical plan to intimidate and silence her.”

Connecticut income tax receipts surpass projections by $900M

“We still need to take steps to close the deficit this year and to avoid one in the (fiscal) year that starts in July,” Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said.

Ex-Wall Streeter Keith McCullough casts an apolitical eye on market risk

McCullough avoids political angles in his economic forecasts, joking, "I’m not a Democrat, I’m not a Republican – I’m a Canadian with a green card."

Feds lose shyness battling insider deals

Federal prosecutors may no longer be shy about prosecuting corporations for fear they may close.

WTP spins off capital markets business

Avalon Lake Partners, a spinoff of WTP Advisors, will offer advisory services to hedge funds, private equity and family offices.

Back to school for corporate governance

Summer session is beginning at colleges and universities, and management experts say one of the offerings should be Corporate Governance 101. First in line...

Hedge funds go to market with JOBS Act

The JOBS Act will open the door to more marketing and advertising by hedge funds, and more information will be available on the Internet as well.

Billion-dollar dropouts

Fairfield County’s biggest hedge funds suffered a high dropout rate following the financial crisis.

Obama’s budget spells bad news for the county

Obama’s budget proposals target the wealthiest residents in Fairfield County and elsewhere.

SEC urged to consider ads for hedge funds

The industry is pushing the government to allow hedge funds to advertise.