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Golden years, weighty questions, Web help

A new Web site launched last month by the state of Connecticut should help baby boomers navigate the decision-making process for long-term care for their parents – or for themselves, when the need arises.

A decade of mobile medicine

Ten years ago, Danbury Hospital stuffed a clinic into a large van and began driving it around to various high-traffic locations in the city to provide physicals, immunizations and tests to the uninsured and underinsured.

Oxford founder seeks $125M to buy out Darien company

The founder of Oxford Health Plans L.L.C. is attempting to raise $125 million to purchase a health-care company.

A lot of doctors in the house

Adapting a rising new business model for medical practices to the traditional doctor-patient relationship, a group of northern Westchester physicians has banded together to offer a broad range of services from local offices linked electronically.

Acupuncture as the new nip and tuck

The Chinese were going under the needle as long as eight centuries ago to keep their youthful beauty, but only recently has acupuncture become an option for one’s cosmetic face-lift in Westchester County.

Medical charts go the way of spats and buggy whips

Physicians and staff of the Westchester Medical Group are at the forefront of modern medical care in their transfer of business and medical record keeping from paper to electronics to streamline and coordinate services.

Insurer looks to dodge OxyContin pain

An insurance company hopes to avoid covering millions of dollars in fines against the former CEO of Purdue Pharma L.P. after his misdemeanor conviction last month of misleading customers about the company’s OxyContin pain relief medication.

Microchips and medicine

Technology companies based in the Hudson Valley and tech users in the health-care industry are doing innovative things even if no one has yet uttered: “Take two aspirin and log on in the morning.”

Help for when the hospital is the home

People are living longer.

Where to go for help

The Westchester County Department of Senior Programs and Services provides counseling and support for the elderly and caregivers at three Safe Center locations.

The burgeoning tragedy of elder abuse

In a mailing blitz targeting the public places and businesses frequented by senior citizens, Westchester County last month launched a community education campaign in an ongoing effort by a public and private partnership to curb elder abuse, a growing and often hidden national problem.

Thomson divests Prometric, buys Health Care Data

Thomson Corp. is selling its Prometric educational testing subsidiary to Educational Testing Service for $435 million.

Malpractice insurance scalds doctors

Dr. Michael Rosenberg, a plastic surgeon based in Mount Kisco and the 2008 president-elect of the Medical Society of the State of New York, pays $65,000 a year in malpractice liability insurance premiums.

Law targets drug marketing practices

The steep increase in prescription drug prices is squeezing businesses’ ability to afford health care insurance for their employees.

Rx for health coverage proves illusive

Between snake-oil pitches and more substantive remedies for what ails Connecticut’s health-care system, Gov. M. Jodi Rell and state Democrats left the patient languishing on the legislative gurney right up to a cliffhanger ending worthy of Grey’s Anatomy.