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U.S. and world news for June 22

https://youtu.be/9CACYhUNIAY Federal fuel tax suspension: Biden President Biden is moving ahead with a plan to suspend the federal gasoline tax and the federal tax on...

Law enforcement expert urges business preparation for mass shootings

While elected officials propose new gun laws and call on social media companies to block hate speech in the wake of the May 14...

U.S. House passes gun-control bills; Blumenthal says GOP will ‘pay a...

“I think there are a lot of Republicans that are thinking about voting for a proposal that will get them on the right side of this issue," said U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy.

Senators Blumenthal and Murphy offer new bill to increase gun dealer...

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal said the bill would enable the ATF to "take aggressive action against the small number of bad-apple gun dealers."

Govs. Malloy and Cuomo invite Delta Air Lines to move HQ...

Republican Georgia legislators moved to kill a proposed $50 million tax break for the airline following its termination of a long-standing relationship with the National Rifle Association.

Sen. Chris Murphy: Congress must ‘get off its ass’ on gun...

The Connecticut Democrat insisted that “Congress' inaction has made us complicit” in Sunday night’s mass murder in Las Vegas.

CT delegation to rebuke Trump policies with special guests for tonight’s...

The guests of the lawmakers were chosen to represent Muslim immigration, health care and gun control.

Malloy bashes Trump’s choice of Rick Perry as Energy Secretary

The governor also praises the state's renewable energy strategies during his administration.

Murphy vows to fight on after defeat of gun reform bills

The Connecticut senator and Gov. Dannel Malloy blame the NRA for undue influence over Republicans, while the NRA maintain would-be gun law reformers are playing politics.

Connecticut lawmakers renew calls for gun legislation in wake of Orlando...

Senators Murphy and Blumenthal call for Congress to act, while gun lobbyists have remained silent.

Amid gun ban, firearm industry bands together

NSSF membership has reached an all-time high.

Colt’s defense, civilian gun companies merge

After about 10 years of separation, Colt has reunited its defense and civilian gun companies.

NSSF sues over speedy passage of gun laws

The National Shooting Sports Foundation filed a lawsuit July 8 alleging that the process of passing the state's recent gun control package violated the normal legislative process.

Firms don’t bolt when gun laws tighten, study shows

UConn economists say there is no correlation between the number of gun manufacturers in each state and the restrictiveness of a state’s gun laws.

Gun maker officially announces departure

After announcing plans to leave Connecticut two months ago, gun maker PTR Industries, Inc. officially announced June 19 plans to relocate to South Carolina near Myrtle Beach.