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Kimball looks at the power of choice in power and in...

“What we’ve found is that these hundred-year events are now 10-year events,” Wilson Kimball said of the impact of harsh weather on the housing market.

Yonkers municipal housing to receive ‘green’ upgrades

Through a collaboration among the public, private and nonprofit sectors, municipal housing properties in Yonkers will receive a “green” upgrade. In late June, Groundwork Hudson...

Yonkers begins new solar effort

The initiative involves creating five new solar panel installations by G&S Solar on buildings owned by Robert Martin Co.

Groundwork Hudson Valley gets $50K grant for Saw Mill River wetland...

The nonprofit will use the funds to restore 2.5 acres of wetland along the Saw Mill River at the northern end of Yonkers.

Urban River Party

The event raised more than $430,000 for Groundwork Hudson Valley.

Groundwork Hudson Valley names Griswold executive director

Brigitte Griswold will assume the position with the Yonkers-based nonprofit on Jan. 1.

Local businesses and volunteers to clean up Saw Mill River Saturday

The Great Saw Mill River Cleanup — a collaboration between business, government and community — begins Saturday, April 16. Starting at 10 a.m., about 200 volunteers...