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Starbucks’ renewable energy partnership in NY would benefit Hudson Valley

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, three of the community solar sites will be located in the Hudson Valley, in Blooming Grove, Ulster and Saint Johnsville.

Connecticut Green Bank plans second Green Liberty Bond issuance

Last year's bond issuance raised $16.7 million from investors.

Connecticut Green Bank issues RFPs for cleantech developers, appraisers

The cleantech RFP is open to projects using technologies with a track record of commercial viability.

New report challenges Connecticut solar energy site selections

The Council on Environmental Quality calls for a shift from agricultural and forest land construction.

State offering $5 million for energy efficiency projects in Yonkers, upstate

The state launched the Five Cities Energy Plans initiative last year to help the cities reduce energy costs and carbon emissions and support the creation of clean-energy technologies and jobs.

State House of Reps passes renewable energy bill

The state House of Representatives approved a bill to revise Connecticut's renewable energy standards, but not before amending the Senate-passed bill to make it tougher for the state to procure energy from large-scale hydropower sources to meet those standards.