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Iona to receive $1.25 million disability specialist federal grant

The funding is for a new program that will provide scholarships allowing graduate students to become specialists in working with hard-of-hearing and deaf children.

Westchester County Association becomes a force in workforce development

The Westchester County Association is making workforce development a key area of activity following its success in managing the four-year, $9.8 million Jobs Waiting...

Bettergy Corp. and Hypres Inc. to share $2M in government grants

Bettergy Corp. in Peekskill will receive $1,049,832 and Hypres Inc. in Elmsford will get $999,817. 

NYMC to receive $925K in bioterrorism and disaster response training funds

NYMC has committed to funding renovation of the facility housing the center to create additional space for classroom learning along with hands-on training for disaster and terrorism events.

Purdue Pharma gives $3.42M grant to develop OTC naloxone nasal spray

President and CEO Craig Landau described the grant as "one example of the meaningful steps Purdue is taking to help address opioid abuse in our communities."

JPMorgan grant sustains WCC financial education program

Westchester Community College officials will use the $100,00 grant for its Money Smart Forum for students.

Grants to provide $9M to nursing homes

Seven nursing homes were named recipients in the first round of awards.

Grant to help fight obesity

Bridgeport region will benefit; regional United Way provides $10k.

$5M grant to keep gas pumping during outages

A $5.1 million FEMA grant will help New York state's gas stations remain open during natural disasters and emergencies.

Fairfield Crystal lands $1.4M research grant

Federal money seeks to improve electrical grid.

State offers $1.2 million in job training grants

New York state announced $1.2 million of job training grants are available for businesses willing to hire long-term unemployed New Yorkers.

HCC receives grant for skilled training

Health and IT fields are the targeted areas of employment.

Bridgeport lands $1M grant

Native American culture is target of four-year program.

CH grant benefits Metal Container Corp.

Valley utility and Anheuser-Busch team to make new containers.

Disaster grant targets entrepreneurs

A nonprofit agency will use a federal Hurricane Sandy relief grant to increase its services for small business owners.