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In the field

Connecticut extracted merger concessions from Northeast Utilities, and other news affecting Fairfield County businesses.

Marshaling a revival – one job at a time

Bill Finch could use a Marshall Plan – but Bridgeport’s mayor will have to settle for the Vallas plan.

The Yankee in search of adventures

The greatest economic development official?

Location is never just about incentives

No fiscally sound company makes a choice based solely on incentives. Can incentives provide a “tipping point” in the decision process or allow a new company to reach profitability sooner? Yes, and those are the best uses for incentives.

Power in numbers?

CBIA members made their presence felt in Hartford for a day.

In the field

Home ownership ticked up in Fairfield County last year, and other news affecting Fairfield County businesses.

Guiding the debate

An economist weighs in on where businesses concur with the governor’s budget; and where more can be done.

Loan drought continues

Community banks in Fairfield County only barely increased small business loans last year, with the state taking another crack at the problem.

Build, baby, build!

I-95 – up, out or both?

Finance points

The SEC is changing hedge fund investor rules.

$100K fuse yet to ignite SBIR

After a concerted effort to increase SBIR participation by women and minorities, Connecticut has yet to see results.

Putting the stimulant in stimulus

In a recent poll, the Yankee Institute for Public Policy said state residents want Sunday liquor sales by a 2-1 majority. But to hear one state senator say it, liquor stores don’t want a crack at that cash, preferring to hang a “closed” sign and enjoy their Sabbath repose.

Corporate tax overhaul called ‘murky’

President Obama recently unveiled a new framework for corporate tax reform.

Gillibrand calls for bipartisan cooperation on economy

“No silver bullet” but there are bipartisan proposals that could boost the economy immediately, U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says.

Financing for new Tappan Zee Bridge to include federal loans, grants

Hundreds of residents, dozens of federal, state and local officials attend first of two public hearings on bridge, dispute need for mass transit in current plans.