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Shooting the rapids

Kayak is navigating swiftly changing currents in the online travel industry.

The new euphemism

“The Startup Owner’s Manual” co-author Bob Dorf shares his thoughts on Stamford Startup Weekend and entrepreneurship circa 2012.

Social media analytics get easier to use

Many small businesses are not aware of the increasing ease and sophistication for social media analytics.

IBM seeds cloud market

IBM saw a fivefold increase in revenue from cloud computing offerings from the first quarter of 2010.

Bring video into your PR plan

One critical way to pursue inbound links involves the production and posting of video files.

Free marketing tools via Google

Google provides an array of free tools that can contribute powerfully to your online marketing efforts.

IBM on board with Startup America

IBM is a major supporter of Startup America.

Law in brief

Legal news and notes from around Fairfield County and Connecticut