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George Latimer sworn in as Westchester County Executive

Latimer, sworn in on New Year's Day, promised more government transparency and that the county would be a "good neighbor" to local municipalities.

George Latimer pledges pragmatism as new county executive

Politicians who ignore economics, and business people who ignore politics, he said, do so at their peril.

County Executive-elect Latimer to speak at BCW event

The speech will be Latimer's first public addresses since his defeat of two-term incumbent Robert Astorino.

Astorino drops Indian Point lawsuits

A spokesman said the county executive "felt it was inappropriate" to continue the legal challenge "given the change of administrations.”

Latimer easily defeats Astorino in county executive contest

Antipathy to Donald Trump may have been a big factor.

Campaign money talks in Astorino-Latimer county executive race

The greatest differential was in corporate money: $413,000 for Astorino and $27,000 for Latimer.

Astorino and Latimer tax one another’s credibility at debate

Republican Rob Astorino and Democrat George Latimer debated politics, taxes and credibility in the county executive election.

Hotel tax falls flat again

A dozen Westchester communities failed to get state approval for a hotel tax this year, in a process officials see as inequitable.

Westchester election results

It was a good night to be a Democrat in Westchester County.