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U.S. and world news for Oct. 28

GDP uptick, mortgage rates climb higher, Israel and Lebanon in historic pact, China's secret overseas police stations, Prince Harry's memoir, Howard Stern back in the studio.

How strong is CT’s economy? It depends upon whom you ask

"It’s important to assess and measure the state’s economic strength by reviewing its progress over the long-term," insists Connecticut Treasurer Shawn Wooden.

Fed Reserve exec spins positive picture at CBIA event – but...

“What is the biggest threat to our recovery? Ourselves,” CBIA President and CEO Chris DiPentima declared.

Fairfield County’s economy hit $79.8 billion last year

The largest rate of growth from 2018 to 2019 was in Windham County, where GDP rose by 2.6% to about $4.7 billion.

John Traynor upbeat about recoveries for Fairfield County, nation

“For us to be successful, we need smart people to come here to learn – and we need those smart people to stay here and work," John Traynor, executive vice president and chief investment officer at the Bridgeport-based bank, said.

Pandemic’s economic impact: Huge GDP drop, another unemployment rise

During the second quarter, the GDP lost 32.9%.

NY economy shrinks 8.2%, CT contracts by 4.6% in first quarter

Connecticut recorded the lowest year-over-year decline among the New England states.

CT GDP shows encouraging signs of growth, but still lags region...

The state is also one of just three – along with West Virginia and Wyoming – whose workforce has shrunk since the Great Recession in 2008.

CT’s credit quality still near bottom in nation, according to new...

The state was 42nd in personal income growth and population growth; 49th in gross domestic product growth; and 50th in debt per capita.

Connecticut’s economy grew by 3.9 percent in third quarter last year

Connecticut's third-quarter 2017 performance was led by the finance and insurance industries, followed by manufacturing.

CT economy grew by 1 percent in 2016

The state's $266.6 billion economy in the fourth quarter was the second largest in New England.

CT and NY construction industries had least economic impact in U.S....

It's the third consecutive year that the two states tied for last place.

State’s GDP up 0.9 percent for first quarter

Connecticut's overall first-quarter GDP was second in the region only to Massachusetts'.

Connecticut posts GDP rise of 1.7 percent for fourth quarter of...

The figure equaled the national number, while the New England region posted a 2.1 percent GDP growth.

Editorial: Room to grow

Why did the Texas economy grow 4.8 percent in 2012 while Connecticut’s shrank? Because businesses feel comfortable expanding in Texas, while they don’t feel at ease in the Constitution State.