Friday, December 9, 2022
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Adam Musa puts his own healthy spin on the convenience...

Working in his family’s gas stations and convenience stores while growing up in Westchester is the experience that inspired Adam Musa to launch his...

Yorktown Costco and BJ’s lawsuits separated by judge

Judge Francesca E. Connolly ruled that the suit, filed by local independent gas station owners in April, would be split up because of individual project differences.

$5M grant to keep gas pumping during outages

A $5.1 million FEMA grant will help New York state's gas stations remain open during natural disasters and emergencies.

Cuomo proposes legislation to prevent gas shortages

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has proposed requiring gas stations within a half-mile of highway exits and evacuation routes have a transfer switch and install a generator during a fuel supply or energy emergency.

Court ban lifted for Shell partners

A state judge in Westchester lifted a court order that barred a partner’s removal from a Shell service stations business.

Gas stations court case in vapor lock

One of the partners in a Shell gas stations business is seeking to settle legal battles with the other investors