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Gabriele’s Italian Steakhouse addresses multiple obstacles on the road to its...

“We’re going to make it one way or another,” Gabriele said.

Wine Spectator picks 10 local eateries for 2018 Best Restaurants for...

Among the winners are Gabriele's Italian Steakhouse in Greenwich, The Capital Grille in Stamford and Hartford, and the Barcelona Wine Bar chain with several locations.

Event experts advocate creativity, purposeful planning

It’s the job of people like Victoria Dubin, Chris Dessi, Joe Guilderson, Jill Prince and Mark Weinstein to prepare for the elements, plan for all contingencies and to still deliver. The quintet headlined the April 25 roundtable, “WOW: Event planning from the experts,” which featured a discussion — and some added surprises — of how to best leverage an event space, entertainment, graphics and social media.

Cocktails and nosh with a sexy twist

cb5 Restaurant Group serves up margaritas, fun beats and indulgent bites – perfect for your next date or after-work powwow.