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For one brief, shining moment: Living in Scam-a-lot

Haven’t we all been told that misspellings and offbeat grammar are signs that should raise one’s suspicions? Of course we have. Did I take a moment to consider that? Of course I didn’t.

Stamford’s Tronox finally wins FTC approval of $1.7B acquisition

As part of an agreement with the FTC, Tronox agreed to sell Cristal’s North American TiO2 business to British chemicals firm Ineos Enterprises.

Praxair-Linde merger creates world’s largest industrial gas supplier

The combined entity, which will operate operating as Linde PLC, will have a market capitalization of about $90 billion and annual revenue of over $30 billion.

Tronox responds to FTC complaint about proposed $1.7B deal

"We now look forward to our long-awaited day in court and the opportunity to demonstrate how this transaction will benefit customers throughout North America and around the world," said Jeffry Quinn, the Stamford firm’s president and CEO.

Tronox’s Saudi acquisition, already facing FTC opposition, receives EC ‘objections’

Tronox must respond to the European Commission's "Statement of Objections" by early April.

Tronox extends $1.7B acquisition timeframe; still working on FTC approval

The Stamford firm also posted its fourth-quarter and full-year 2017 financial results, both of which were up significantly from the previous periods.

Tronox receives Saudi approval of $1.7 billion deal; still awaits FTC...

The Stamford company filed a lawsuit against the FTC last week to gain U.S. approval of the deal.

Tronox sues FTC over proposed Saudi acquisition

According to Tronox's general counsel, "The FTC's conduct conflicts with any concept of supporting a U.S.-based company with a sound strategy to compete in today's global market."

FTC mounts legal challenge to Tronox’s $1.7 billion acquisition

Among other things, the FTC’s administrative complaint charges that the deal would violate antitrust laws.

Neiman Marcus and FTC settle fake fur claim

Three national retailers admitted to selling real fur as faux.

An app-etite for data-gathering

Mobile computing is rapidly becoming a major part of our everyday existence including how we make purchases and do business. It is very important that people realize that issues of security and privacy – mobile insecurity, are a major byproduct of this rapidly evolving technology.

Gartner: FTC to crack down on fake reviews

Gartner predicts the FTC will crack down on the growing trend of fake, paid reviews posted on social media.

Hello, FTC

As two Fairfield County hospitals size each other up, the FTC is taking a harder look at a mini-wave of hospital mergers.