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Contaminated Frank’s Nursery site gets another chance

A new group of potential buyers of the former Frank’s Nursery property in Greenburgh makes a purchase possible by the end of summer.

Greenburgh meets with consultant on Frank’s Nursery

There is no clear timetable for the auction of the property as the town plans further environmental reviews.

Frank’s Nursery auctioneer: There is much interest in site

The town supervisor gets a progress report ahead of a Nov. 13 auction, which comes after heated debate over who should buy the property.

Greenburgh sets date for auction of Frank’s Nursery

The sale of the property, which has been debated since the town took over the former nursery in a 2011 tax foreclosure, is now scheduled for November.

Greenburgh chooses auctioneer for Frank’s Nursery

Two competing potential buyers of the 7-acre property last year threatened to file lawsuits against the town.

Greenburgh seeks bids for Frank’s Nursery

After debate erupted over which buyer to sell the former Frank’s Nursery property, the Town of Greenburgh is seeking new bids and hoping to avoid lawsuits.

Substantial cleanup costs await Frank’s Nursery buyer

An environmental study has determined that the foreclosed Frank’s Nursery site contains numerous carcinogens and contaminants, and whoever buys the property will face substantial cleanup costs.

UPDATE: Game On 365 fights back

Game On 365 L.L.C. has filed a countersuit against Elm Street Sports Group L.L.C. and Simon Cohen, a Greenburgh resident who founded Burst The Bubble, a group opposed to Game On 365’s attempts to lease a foreclosed property and turn it into the Westchester Field House, an indoor sports facility.

Game On 365 lease approved in Greenburgh

Voters in Greenburgh overwhelmingly approved a referendum to allow the town to lease the former Frank’s Nursery site to Game On 365 to build the Westchester Field House.

Lawsuit filed over Greenburgh bubble

A group fighting to stop the town of Greenburgh from leasing the former Frank’s Nursery site on Dobbs Ferry Road to Game On 365 has taken its grievances to court.