Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Stamford seeks amendment to anti-fracking waste rule for street repairs

Pothole and related repairs will be “significantly delayed” unless an ordinance banning the use of asphalt made with fracking waste is amended, the city says.

New York officially bans fracking

The state Department of Environmental Conservation officially bans the use of hydraulic fracturing in New York after a seven-year study.

NY moves closer to banning fracking with release of report

The state Department of Environmental Conservation issues a final review that details the agency’s reservations about permitting hydraulic fracturing.

Pro-fracking group holds Binghamton protest

The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York Inc. says it drew 600 people to the event.

Poll: New Yorkers still divided on fracking

A Siena College poll shows voters remained divided even as the state decided to ban the method for natural gas mining.

New York to be first state to ban fracking

The Department of Health releases the long-awaited findings of a study.

Fracking protest planned during Cuomo’s State of the State

With a health study due by year's end, environmental advocates launch a campaign to say no to an anticipated pilot test.

Poll: New Yorkers’ opposition to fracking growing

A Quinnipiac University poll shows voters remain divided on the method of natural gas extraction.

Fracking moratorium passed in Assembly

The New York State Assembly overwhelmingly approved a two-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing on March 6.

State Health Department deems fracking safe

An analysis by the New York State Department of Health said that hydrofracking, a method used to obtain natural gas, could be done safely.

Local activists champion push to end fracking

Activists in Greenburgh are asking citizens to call lawmakers and the governor to end the process of fracking which they deem to be hazardous to the environment.

Q & A with Sally Odland

An energy expert answers burning 10 questions