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Filomena Fanelli: Is being naïve the biggest competitive advantage of all?

When it’s time to brainstorm that next big idea or build out a marketing or PR initiative, a company may be tempted to look...

Filomena Fanelli: Marketing your business? Social media is sweet, but no...

Nobody reads the newspaper anymore. Print is dead. Why advertise when you can use social media? Recently, I was at a conference and had a...

Filomena Fanelli: Five don’t-be-a sad-statistic business lessons learned in five years

My firm is celebrating our fifth anniversary in business and I promised myself, not only would I celebrate, I’d share some things I learned – five to be exact.

Filomena Fanelli: Nine for ’19 – Advice on raising your...

Many articles and blog posts advise people on what not to do when it comes to public relations, marketing and social media. Often complete...

Filomena Fanelli: Build it … then make sure they come

While the “Field of Dreams” cornfield is an inspiring visual for a movie, in reality, a company needs to do more than simply build to succeed. It also needs to market.

Filomena Fanelli: Wax on! The benefits of op-eds and guest articles

Good content is hard to find, and professionally written, nonpromotional articles remain in high demand.

Filomena Fanelli: Five ways to build trust (and your business)

Filomena Fanelli weighs in on five notorious ways that people fail to build trust and how to turn them around.

Filomena Fanelli: Difficult lessons learned from the first four years

It’s bad enough that losing a major client can cause a serious financial hit but it also can be a real sock in the gut to a new business owner.

Filomena Fanelli: Eight paths to better PR in 2018

Filomena Fanelli offers eight strategies you can employ to spread the word about what your business or organization is up to.

Filomena Fanelli: A guide to better press releases

For those unfamiliar with public relations, the term “press release” can be a catchall for what people think we do. You know, your news...

Filomena Fanelli: Making the most of your major events

An event is an excellent way to capture headlines and give the public a chance to learn about your business or facility. A strategic approach makes all the difference in terms of the outcome.

Mind your social media Ps & Qs

I believe social media etiquette is a practice more people should take seriously. After all, in today’s world, the saying “content is king” rings true.

Speak up: Getting your share of voice

Constant content, social media chatter and real-time news galore. It’s no wonder it’s hard to get a word in edgewise. For businesses and brands...

Public speaking: six reasons to fight the fear

Public speaking is one of the public relations tactics we often recommend our clients consider in order to reach their target audiences.

Impact PR earns WBE certification

Impact PR & Communications Ltd. in Poughkeepsie has been granted status as a certified Women Business Enterprise by the state Department of Economic Development,...