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Ray Dalio warns Fed effort to tame inflation will spark stagflation

Dalio predicted the Fed's effort will create "economic weakness."

U.S. and world news for June 15

Biden calls on oil companies to boost production: President Biden today sent letters to the heads of U.S. oil companies urging them to increase production...

NY Fed chief defends central bank’s handling of inflation crisis

"The primary focus of monetary policy is to turn down the heat and restore price stability," Williams said.

Ray Dalio predicts 70s-style stagflation for the US economy

“The past is a guide to what's happening now,” Dalio said.

Survey: Most Americans want Fed to be more aggressive in addressing...

Daily lifestyle changes have also been altered because of inflation.

M&T receives federal approval to proceed with People’s United acquisition

The acquisition was first announced in February 2021.

M&T and People’s United extend merger agreement

The Federal Reserve has yet to approve the transaction.

Inflation sets 40-year record nationally, slightly lower locally

Inflation in the U.S. hit 7% for 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this morning, while in the New York-Newark-Jersey City geographic area it was lower for the year, at 4.4%.

What will the 2022 economy look like?

"We remain convinced that equities will do better than bonds next year," said Brenner.

Ray Dalio warns ‘cash is not a safe investment’

The hedge fund executive also criticized Federal Reserve policies.

Bridgewater’s investment chief: Return to ’70s-style inflation unlikely

Prince insisted the fiscal policies of a half-century ago are not being repeated today.

Fed exec sounds mostly positive notes at CBIA event; Pitney Bowes...

“Months of dislocation are always opportunities,” declared Pitney President and CEO Marc Lautenbach about the pandemic.

Fed Reserve exec spins positive picture at CBIA event – but...

“What is the biggest threat to our recovery? Ourselves,” CBIA President and CEO Chris DiPentima declared.

CT on track for robust recovery? UConn professor says think again

Covid-forced shutdowns and political differences at the federal level remain the great unknowns.

Economy doing better than expected this year – but any optimism...

State and local governments are facing “huge revenue shortfalls,” with cuts in education and services like police and firefighting likely, according to Edward Alden of the Council on Foreign Relations.